Hangout Ramen, New Orleans, LA Report #532

It’s been pretty warm here in New Orleans. I’m talking 80 degree temps in December. But that’s about to change. It’s cold right now by our standards. 48 degrees as I’m writing this. But by Christmas it’ll be in the 20’s. That’s very rare, bone chilling cold to us New Orleanians!

So I need to start preparing myself now. Filling up on hot ramen should do it. We decided to try this place tonight.

When I first heard about this restaurant, I was told it was a ramen place. Period. When I saw their menu, it was obvious it was a lot more than that! As usual, we ordered too much food. A bang bang shrimp eggroll, the gyoza pork soup, an uptown roll, a bowl of tonkotsu black ramen and something called javanese fried rice.

++++++++++ THE FOOD ++++++++++

Uptown Roll
Javanese Fried Rice

The bang bang shrimp eggroll was ok. I was thinking it’d have that spicy, mayonaisey kind of sauce in it that you normally associate with bang bang shrimp. But the inside consisted of finely chopped shrimp and really no detectable sauce. Tasted pretty good but I wouldn’t order them again.

My dining partner had the gyoza pork soup. She said it was very good.

I love fresh salmon and eel sauce, both of which were in the uptown roll. Loved it. Great roll.

The ramen was delicious! Two big rounds of pork belly, a couple dumplings, a boiled egg, and a bunch of other yummy tidbits in a flavorful, creamy broth. And best of all, instead of a spoon they give you a ladle to facilitate shoveling it into your mouth! A few weeks ago I went to a place, which shall remain nameless, and they gave me a disposable plastic spoon to eat soup with. I was getting maybe 0.25 ounces of soup per spoonful. Ended up having to pick the also disposable plastic bowl up to my mouth to slurp it. I saw some little kid looking at me like, “Look at this mannerless Neanderthal”.

The fried rice was great! The rice didn’t have that crisp texture like true fried rice, but it had a really great flavor. And the steak in it was super tender.

Very good dinner here tonight. I recommend this place!

1340 S. Carrollton Ave., New Orleans, LA 70118 Ph: (504) 571-5024

Blaine 12-18-2022


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