Tea Bar, Belle Chasse, LA Report #537

A few weeks ago I had dinner at Rotolo’s Pizza, which is in the same strip mall as this place. I saw the sign and wondered what kind of tea they might serve here. We stepped in to check it out, and I saw they sell a lot more than tea. Including crepes. I love crepes! I said out loud I needed to get back here and check this place out in the future.

Well, as luck would have it, Santa heard me! I got a $50 gift certificate for this joint. Thanks Santa!

The menu isn’t too extensive. I like that. I hate making decisions and that makes it easier.

For drinks I ordered a Thai tea and my dining partner ordered a mango slushie. The waitress asked what “toppings” we wanted if any. I asked what toppings they offered and she pointed to all the jars on the counter in the 2nd to last picture above. Boba pearls and stuff like that. They really shouldn’t call them toppings because they sink to the bottom! I got plain boba and my dining partner got the rainbow fruit.

Foodwise, I wanted to try the Pookie Spicy crepe. Chili paste, bologna, shredded pork and crab stick. Normally the crazier something sounds the more likely I am to try it, and this sounded downright insane!

We also got a ham & cheese, a Nutella crepe, and the Taiyaki. You can mix and match those, so we got a cheese, a Pepperoni and a Nutella.

&&& THE FOOD &&&


The drinks were very good, but I thought mine was just a little too sweet. You’ll love it if you like sweet drinks. But to go with the Nutella crepe, which was my dessert, I didn’t want something that sweet to drink. I kind of wished I had just ordered plain coffee.

The only thing that kind of weirded me out about the Pookie Spicy was the bologna, but it blended in nicely with the other ingredients. You could taste the chili paste, but it wasn’t too spicy. I liked it.

Both of the other crepes were very good, too. The fresh strawberries and banana were great with the Nutella.

The Taiyaki are little fish shaped dough things with your choice of fillings. They’re hot, chewy and delicious.

I made one mistake. When I thought crepes, I thought those little enchilada shaped French things. Figured after two of those I’d leave hungry. I was very wrong. These things are BIG! Get two, and you’ll leave quite full!

Nice place. I shall return!

102 Woodland Hwy., Suite 4, Belle Chasse, LA 70037 Ph: (504) 239-4922

Blaine 1-3-2023


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