Budsi’s Authentic Thai, New Orleans, LA Report #538

This place is tucked away on a back street in the Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans. I never would have known it was here, but my daughter has a habit of looking at my restaurant reports, finding a place I’ve never been, and buying me a gift certificate for it for Christmas. One for this joint was this year’s gift!

According to their website, the chefs at this place would never call themselves chefs. They’re farmers and folks who raise fish, that have never written down a recipe. But they know how to make authentic Thai food that no local of Sakorn Nakorn (city in the Isan region of Thailand) would ever turn down. With a statement like that the food just has to be good!

We were lucky enough to have a couple of my cousins from California dining with us tonight. Great thing about that was with more people dining we could sample more of the menu! Being from California, of course they’re not totally normal. For example, ones a vegetarian. The other one eats everything, so she’s semi-normal.

For appetizers we decided on the vegetarian spring rolls, fried dumplings, and the Thai fried chicken wings. Our entrées were combination Budsi’s Royal Pad Thai, Waterfall Pork, Mushroom Larb and the Green Curry with Fried Soft Shell Crab and roti.

======= THE FOOD =======

Vegetarian Spring Rolls
Freid Pork Dumplings
Thai Fried Chicken Wings
Budsi’s Roual Pad Thai
Waterfall Pork
Mushroom Larb
Green Curry with Fried Soft Shell Crab

First, our food didn’t come out in any certain order. Or anything at the same time. First an appetizer came out, then the Pad Thai came out, then random dishes one at a time. Could be an entrée or an app.

All three of the appetizers were very good! I even tried one of the vegetarian spring rolls and enjoyed it. The sauce with the chicken wings was great.

One dining partner that had the Pad Thai didn’t care for it at all. She said the crispy pork in the Pad Thai was rubbery, and there were hardly any noodles in the dish. Mostly protein. One of the shrimp had part of the head on it. The top shell was gone, but the lungs and legs were attached to the shrimp. Since it was kind of dark in the place, she accidentally chomped down on that, and that ruined it for her!

I had the Waterfall pork. It was ok. Not sure what I was expecting but this was kind of like a warm pork salad with a citrus dressing. I wouldn’t order it again.

My weird vegetarian dining partner had the Mushroom Larb. She said it was ok, but wasn’t very impressed. I’m sure she would have been happier if she ordered something with meat!

The soft shell crab dish was delicious! The green curry had a nice, coconutty flavor. I’d definitely order this again.

Decent dinner here tonight. If you like curry, I’d definitely recommend that if you decided to come in!

1760 N. Rampart St., New Orleans, LA 70116 Ph: (504) 381-4636

Blaine 1-5-2023


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