Station 6, Metairie, LA Report #539

I have no idea why they call this place Station 6. It’s not like there’s a Station 5 to the west and a Station 7 to the east. Or a Station anything anywhere around. I checked. So I’m in the dark.

What I do know is I’ve been wanting to try it for some time. Every time we’d pass around dinner time, I’d see people gathered outside waiting for a table and the parking lot would be packed.

But today, we passed by at lunch time and noticed the parking lot reletively empty. I didn’t even know they were open for lunch. And since we happened to be hungry, we decided to stop in and dine!

I see why there are sometimes people waiting for a table. The place isn’t too big. I think there’s more covered seating outside than in.

We decided on the Louisiana crawfish and spinach dip for an appetizer. Entrée-wise, I love pompano. Since you don’t see it on many menus, I decided on that. My dining partner, who lacks my advanced culinary sophistication, ordered the fried chicken sandwich. Dessert was the chocolate peanut butter doberge cake.

%%%%%%% THE FOOD %%%%%%%

This was the best spinach dip I have ever had in my life. Everyone likes cheese. Don’t argue with me about that because I will fight you over that point with everything I’ve got. So a lot of places rely on just throwing a bunch of cheese in this dish thinking that’ll make it good. But if I want queso dip I’d have ordered that!

This dip had the perfect amount of cheese, and relied on seasoning, and I don’t know. Maybe a light roux? To make it delicious. Only other thing that could have disappointed was a lack of crawfish. I don’t care if it’s a little more expensive, if I get something labeled as crawfish dip, there damn well better be a bunch of crawfish in it! You can see from the picture on the right there was beaucoup mudbug meat in the dish. And not rubbery, cheap foreign crawfish, but Louisiana crawfish meat. Excellent!

My pompano was cooked, seasoned, and presented perfectly. Never had pompano with toasted cashews on top? After this dish you’d never want to have it without it.

My dining partner raved about her chicken sandwich. She said they must have brined and marinated the chicken breast because it was really juicy and fried very crisp. And she will let the rest of her meal sit getting cold and send French fries back if they’re not hot and crisp. These were great!

Now on to dessert. Doberge cake. The funny thing is I had just seen this story online a couple days ago. I’ve been eating doberge cake my entire life but never knew who invented it. I didn’t even know it was known who invented it!

Normally, I would have tried the bread pudding for dessert. I don’t care for desserts with peanut butter in them, but my dining partner wanted it. Did I mention she has a less sophisticated palate? Well, she wanted to try it and I didn’t want to get hurt, so we ordered it.

That picture doesn’t do justice to how big this slice of cake was. And it was absolutely delicious! Not too peanut buttery. Just the right amount to compliment the chocolate. We could only finish about half of it.

Absolutely OUTSTANDING lunch here today. This place gets my highest recommendation!

105 Metairie-Hammond Hwy., Metairie, LA 70005 Ph: (504) 345-2936

Blaine 1-7-2023


8 thoughts on “Station 6, Metairie, LA Report #539

  1. The staff is rude. Food is great

    One of the times when we were waiting for the rest of our party it began to rain. There were 10 of us only two on the way.

    They told us to go wait in our cars.

    I understand they don’t war to seat you until your party is there but if they had seated us we would have ordered drinks and appetizers.

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