Today’s Ketch Seafood, Chalmette, LA Report #540

Yesterday for lunch we had fried seafood on the brain, so we headed to Deanie’s seafood in Bucktown. We ended up getting sidetracked and having an excellent lunch at Station 6 instead. Today we decided to scratch that fried seafood itch.

This place is located down in St. Bernard Parish. I’ve had several people tell me it was good. In fact, I have a brother who lives in New Orleans, but not far away from St. Bernard Parish, so he eats here often. Today was the day for me to finally check them out.

Besides a restaurant, they’re also a seafood market. As you can see from their sign, they’ll ship seafood to you across the U.S.

We both decided on a cup of gumbo. My dining partner ordered a fried shrimp dinner with fries and crawfish fettuccini as a side. Isn’t that great? Crawfish fettuccini is a side dish here! Since I figured I could steal some of her fried shrimp to satisfy my fried seafood craving, I decided to go with a stuffed crab poboy.

*** THE FOOD ***

Nothing special, but an adequatre little side salad. And if you’re not going to make your own dressing, serving a high quality store bought one is a great idea, and that’s what they do!

The seafood gumbo was very good! Plenty of shrimp, some crawfish, and I think I saw some shreds of crabmeat in it. They did commit the sin of putting some diced tomatoes in it, but they were few and far between. My dining partner picked them out. I just ate them.

Even though they were battered instead of dusted with a seasoned corn flour/cornmeal combo which I prefer, they were great. So was the crawfish pasta. I normally wouldn’t consider that a side dish, but I’ll take it any way I can get it!

I was a little disappointed with my poboy. The bread was really fresh, and it was dressed nicely, but as you can see by the second picture of the sandwich the tomatoes, lettuce and pickles were piled on a lot thicker than the stuffed crab. I could hardly taste it. But from what I could taste it had a great flavor. There just wasn’t enough of it. I ended up adding some of my dining partner’s shrimp to my poboy. They give you plenty!

Pretty good lunch overall. I’d definitely dine here again.

OH! As a side note there’s a Gerald’s Donuts right across the street, so you know what I had for dessert. They also have king cakes in.

2110 E. Judge Perez Dr., Chalmette, LA 70043 Ph: (504) 279-6639

Blaine 1-8-2023


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