Avo, New Orleans, LA Report #542

I get emails from this website called Eater New Orleans. They sent me this one entiltled, “Here are the tastiest Italian eats in New Orleans“. Click on that title if you want to see the list. Man, I wish they haden’t done that. If they hadn’t, I might have stayed home tonight and ate a small salad with low carb croutons.

But of course, I went through the list thinking, “been there, been there, been here, etc.” Saw one pretty famous place I hadn’t been to, so I gave them a call to make a reservation for tonight and they told me they were booked up. Then I saw this place. Checked out the menu online. It looked pretty good, so I made a reservation and came on in tonight.

Nice looking little place. One thing that got me in was the octopus appetizer. I love octopus. You don’t see it too often, so I ordered that. I also love cacio e pepe. They make it with jumbo lump crab meat. I simply had to have that! And I absolutely love tiramisu. No matter how full I was I was getting that for dessert!

************ THE FOOD ************

They start you off with warm focaccia bread and some olive oil for dipping. Yummy.

The last time I can remember having charred octopus was at a place called Santa Fe. It was charred like they had put it directly on the coals. And very good. This one wasn’t really charred like that, but the outer skin had a slight “crunch”, for lack of a better word. It was good! Pretty tender, and I had no idea octopus went so well with pineapple.

The cacio e pepe was one of the best pasta dishes I ever had in my life. The pasta was cooked perfectly al dente, and it was cheesy, black peppery, and loaded with lump crab meat. Outstanding!

I was pretty full, but I had to try their tiramisu. Fantastic. Not too sweet and soaked with just the right amount of espresso.

Excellent dinner here tonight. I highly recommend this place!

5908 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA 70115 Ph: (504) 509-6550

Blaine 1-14-2023


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