Westbank Grill, Westwego, LA Report #543

I’ve been eyeballing this joint for some time. There’s a place in Westwego we call The Shrimp Lot. It’s like an open air seafood flea market. If I’m making a big pot of gumbo, or something else where I need a bunch of shrimp, I take the drive down there to buy them. You can’t beat their prices.

Every time I made that drive, I saw this place and thought one day I have to try them. Today was the day!

We decided on the sampler plate to start off with. My dining partner got a breakfast sandwich served on a biscuit with bacon, eggs and American cheese, plus a bowl of grits. Walking up to the place I caught a whiff of their grill going, and that put me in the mood for a burger. Their menu brags their burgers are the best tasting, so I went with that. We topped off the meal with a pancake for dessert!

%% THE FOOD %%

The star of the sampler appetizer tray was the onion rings. They were perfect! No thick batter to overpower the flavor of the onions. Just a thin coating fried very crisp. Excellent onion rings. Everything else was pretty good too.

My dining partner enjoyed her breakfast sandwich, and said the grits were great.

My burger was very good! It reminded me of a burger you’d get right of the BBQ pit at a 4th of July picnic. It also reminded me of the burgers they serve at Frostop, just with a bigger patty. And the fries were hot and crisp.

The pancake was delicious. And huge! I’m glad we decided to split one. And they serve real butter here. Not some stupid whipped vegetable oil spread. Reading the ingredients on the butter packet it’s just pasteurized cream and salt. It’s the little things like that I appreciate.

Nice place for breakfast or lunch. Glad I finally stopped in!

812 Westbank Expy., Westwego, LA 70094 Ph: (504) 941-7714

Blaine 1-15-2023


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