The Little Easy, New Orleans, LA Report #544

I heard this place had good pressed poboys. I checked out their menu online and saw this:

Tamales? Cheese curds? And look at those crawfish nachos! I had to get in here!

My greediness blinded me to the fact that time marches on and menus change. We got here and none of that was on the menu anymore. We started to go with Plan B, and go have lunch at an Italian place in the next block I want to try. But I was kind of in the mood for a hot sausage poboy so we decided to stay.

We ordered:

%%%%%%%%%% THE FOOD %%%%%%%%%%

The nachos were like what you’d get at a concession stand at a high school football game to take back to your seats and eat while watching the game. However, the chips were nice and fresh. A far cry from the crawfish nachos I came in here hoping to get.

My dining partner and I swapped halves of our poboys.

The muffuletta was very good. Loved the olive salad on it.

Being pressed poboys, I really should have gotten a Cuban. But I had been craving a hot sausage poboy for some time.

It was delicious! I like my sandwiches like my women. Compact, hot and cheesy. This sandwich was all that! And the hot sausage was delicious. It tasted like a great local hot sausage brand called Patton’s.

Good poboys. I’ll have to come back and try that Cuban.

634 Julia St., New Orleans, LA 70130 Ph: (504) 581-8452

Blaine 1-21-2022


4 thoughts on “The Little Easy, New Orleans, LA Report #544

  1. Thanks Blaine! Loved pressed sandwiches, they have those in Europe a lot. Also been wanting to try the Patton’s sausage somewhere since you have to buy a big tub of it at the grocery store. Is this placed owned my NO Food and Spirits?

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