Down The Hatch, New Orleans, LA Report #559

Is it just me, or does it seem like bars always have the best burgers? Why is that? It seems like if I owned a business whose main purpose was to get customers as liquored up as possible, I wouldn’t worry that much about the food.

But they do. At least here in New Orleans. Today I was in the mood for a burger for lunch, so I decided to come check this place out.

It’s located right off Magazine St., which is loaded with restaurants and stores. A couple good restaurants just a stone throws away are Gris-Gris and Lilly’s. Here’s a link to their menu if my above pictures are hard to read:

Nice, clean looking little bar. I decided on:

========== THE FOOD ==========

The mango habanero wings were yummy! Don’t let the habanero part of that name scare you. They’re not that spicy. In fact, I didn’t find them spicy at all, but I do have a high spice tolerance. Probably because I make my own hot sauce from superhot peppers, but that’s another story.

When my waitress dropped off my burger she asked if I wanted utensils. I told her no. But then I tried to tackle the burger, and wished I had a knife to cut it in half.

But that brings up an interesting dilemma. If you have a burger with a fried egg in it, do you want to cut it in half, causing the yoke to rupture and all that yolky goodness flow all over the place? Or just deal with it as best you can?

Well, I got a knife and cut it in half. The yolk was getting ruptured sooner or later anyway, so I decided to get it over with to better be able to handle this monster.

It was delicious. Cooked a perfect medium just like I ordered it. A fresh bun, juicy beef patty, over easy egg, and nice crisp bacon.

Great lunch here today. I recommend the place!

1921 Sophie Wright Pl., New Orleans, LA 70130 Ph: (504) 522-0909

Blaine 3-18-2023


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