Boudin King, Jennings, LA Report #524

Boudin is a sausage made with pork, rice and numerous seasonings. I love it! It’s about impossible to find good boudin in the New Orleans metro area. Today I found myself driving from Lake Charles, Louisiana, back to New Orleans, through the heart of Cajun country where you can get great boudin. I see a… Continue reading Boudin King, Jennings, LA Report #524

Poche’s, Breaux Bridge, LA Report #473

The drive back from Galveston, TX, to New Orleans is about 6 hours. No human alive can possibly go that long without eating, so we had to make a stop. It’s hard to find good boudin in New Orleans, and once, long ago, I found some that was excellent! I forgot where. But I asked… Continue reading Poche’s, Breaux Bridge, LA Report #473

Cajun’s Fabulous Fried Chicken, Gulfport, MS Report #438

This place is awesome. It seems impossible to find anything about it’s history online so I have to go by memory. Me, my family, and a bunch of fellow New Orleanians I know have been coming here since the early 1980’s. Back then, Popeye’s fried chicken was all the rage. Word spread there was a… Continue reading Cajun’s Fabulous Fried Chicken, Gulfport, MS Report #438

Hambone, Mandeville, LA Report #431

It’s that time of year. The official start (as far as I’m concerned) of the Christmas season! For several years now we’ve drove across the Causeway Bridge to St. Tammany Parish to cut down our own Christmas tree. We decided to stop off in Mandeville, LA., for lunch. If you like cozy little places that… Continue reading Hambone, Mandeville, LA Report #431

Dodge’s, Gulfport, MS Report #401

I wondered if I should do a report on this place. After all, the title of this blog is Blaine’s RESTAURANT Report. At first glance you’d think this was a gas station/convenience store. And you’d be right. But they do prepare food onsite and you can sit in here and eat it (just not today… Continue reading Dodge’s, Gulfport, MS Report #401

Daisey Mae’s, New Orleans, LA Report #357

I’ve been working right down the street from this place for years and never tried them. Until today. Apparently they’re known for their Bloody Mary’s. Having alcoholic drinks with breakfast isn’t just acceptable in New Orleans, but encouraged! If I was a drinker I would have given one a try. I love Crab Cake Benedict.… Continue reading Daisey Mae’s, New Orleans, LA Report #357

Hooks, Terrytown, LA Report #337

I have a confession to make. I sometimes eat fast food fried chicken. There. I said it. Felt good to get that off my chest. So I went out to get some to bring home for dinner. For some reason the door was locked so you couldn’t go inside, and there were about 10 cars… Continue reading Hooks, Terrytown, LA Report #337

Pollo Campero, Kenner, LA Report #307

I normally don’t report on chain restaurants unless they’re something special.  But it’s hard to consider this a chain since this is the only one in the entire state of Louisiana!  The next nearest one is in Houston, TX., which is about a 5 1/2 hour drive. This place started out in 1971 as a… Continue reading Pollo Campero, Kenner, LA Report #307

Chap’s Chicken, Metairie, LA Report #285

Chap’s is located in a very short strip mall on the side of a convenience store.  In fact, you can say it’s part of the store.  You can walk from the store into the restaurant, and vice versa.  That comes in handy if you want to grab a beer or an ICEE to go with… Continue reading Chap’s Chicken, Metairie, LA Report #285

Fury’s, Metairie, LA Report #245

Happy Halloween! For our Halloween dinner we decided on Fury’s.  Nothing scary about this place.  This family restaurant has been serving food in the New Orleans area since 1967.  The staff is very friendly and the food is excellent! We decided on starting with the Eggplant Chips and Crabmeat Remoulade: “Chips” had me thinking of… Continue reading Fury’s, Metairie, LA Report #245