Marcello’s, New Orleans, LA Report #248

We were overdue for some Italian food and decided on this place.  Excellent choice.  Everything was fantastic.  I’m not a wine drinker, but if you are, I’m pretty sure you’ll find the right bottle for you.  There were racks of wine all over the place.  Our waitress said we could roam around and just grab… Continue reading Marcello’s, New Orleans, LA Report #248

Bravo, Metairie, LA Report #178

***************  PERMANENTLY CLOSED  *************** We tried to go to a restaurant near this place and there was an hour wait for a table.  I was too hungry to wait an hour.  I get grumpy when I get hungry.  And mean.  So we started driving around aimlessly not knowing where we were going to eat dinner… Continue reading Bravo, Metairie, LA Report #178