Coffee &, Marrero, LA Report #478

Marrero is located just south of New Orleans, on the WestBank of the Mississippi River. I live in the part of New Orleans that’s on the Westbank (called Algiers), so it’s not far from my house at all. I’ve seen this place several times, and always thought it was just a little donut shop. Well,… Continue reading Coffee &, Marrero, LA Report #478

Tic Toc Café, Metairie, LA Report #361

I’m always on the hunt for new breakfast spots. This is one of those places I’ve driven past a hundred times, and for some reason I never considered stopping in to eat. Today was the day to give them a try. Pretty small place. They’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s… Continue reading Tic Toc Café, Metairie, LA Report #361