Bravo, Metairie, LA Report #178

***************  PERMANENTLY CLOSED  *************** We tried to go to a restaurant near this place and there was an hour wait for a table.  I was too hungry to wait an hour.  I get grumpy when I get hungry.  And mean.  So we started driving around aimlessly not knowing where we were going to eat dinner… Continue reading Bravo, Metairie, LA Report #178

Gold Coast Dogs, Chicago, IL Report #96

I first visited Chicago maybe 30 years ago, and until then I had never had hotdogs with anything on them except mustard and chili. Then I had my first Chicago style hotdog. I was astounded. Tomatoes and little green peppers? On a hotdog? But I liked it! So when I saw this place changing planes… Continue reading Gold Coast Dogs, Chicago, IL Report #96