Sucre’, Metairie, LA Report #28

********** PERMANENTLY CLOSED **********   I’ve always took the same attitude towards my desserts as I did my women.  I don’t care if they’re ugly, as long as they’re sweet.  But, if you’re not like me and like pretty dessert, this is the place for you. This was the Metairie location.  They also have a… Continue reading Sucre’, Metairie, LA Report #28

Chez Pierre, Metairie, LA Report #4

This is the Clearview Pkwy. location which is the only one I’ve been to.  Even though I’ve only been here for dessert they also have a Vietnamese food menu with pho, vermicelli bowls and other Vietnamese fare.  The French were in Vietnam so long they taught the Vietnamese all their culinary tricks.  Last time I… Continue reading Chez Pierre, Metairie, LA Report #4

City Diner, Metairie, LA Report #2

I’ve passed this place a million times in my life and never noticed it until a friend of mine told me about it a few months ago.  When you walk into the joint it looks like it’s been there since the 1960’s, but it’s only been around since 2008.  The place has lived a hard… Continue reading City Diner, Metairie, LA Report #2