Pokéworks, Metairie, LA Report #367

The word for what’s served here is pronounced “poh-KAY”, and rhymes with “okay”. I looked it up to see what the definition was and found, “jab or prod (someone or something), especially with one’s finger”. I quickly realized I looked up POKE, and corrected that. Poke is, “diced raw fish served either as an appetizer… Continue reading Pokéworks, Metairie, LA Report #367

Poke Loa, New Orleans, LA Report #186

Not to long after I ate sushi for the first time in my life, and was getting used to the whole raw fish thing, through no fault of my own I ended up in Hawaii.  I tried Poke and loved it.  This was maybe in 2000.  But I never had it again!  I never really… Continue reading Poke Loa, New Orleans, LA Report #186