The Appetite Repair Shop, New Orleans, LA Report #46

I’ve been wanting to try this place out for some time now because I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.  Tucked away on back streets in historic Algiers Point, on the Westbank of New Orleans, if you don’t know it’s there and go looking for it you’d never find it.

At first it just looks like a house on the corner.  Once you step inside, you’ll see there isn’t much to the place.  A small kitchen, a counter, some Middle Eastern and Italian food items for sale to your left and a selection of cold drinks to your right.  No where to sit or even stand to eat, so it’s strictly a get your food and go place.  The place is only open 16 hours a week.  Thursday through Sunday from 5pm to 9pm.  The menu entrees change everyday and are posted on Facebook and on the counter when you walk in.  I decided on the Maryland Crabcakes with Buttery Old Bay Succotash and WickesTarter, and the Gemelli Pasta with Beef Meatballs, Red Sauce and Fresh Mozzarella.  I received my plates and headed home!  Thank God I didn’t have far to travel.  I was hungry and everything smelled great.

One good thing about the place.  The portions aren’t small.  The crabcakes were excellent.  Full of jumbo lump crabmeat and seasoned well.  I wasn’t sure how good they would go with succotash but that ended up being a perfect side for them.  The meatballs were pretty good.  I prefer mine a little denser (meatier) with less breadcrumbs in them but they were good.  I didn’t regret ordering them.  The “”Red Sauce” (a common New Orleans colloquialism for spaghetti sauce), was good and the pasta was cooked a perfect al dente.

I will be back to try other entrees!  I recommend this place.

400 Vallette St., New Orleans, LA  70114  Ph: 504-602-9990

Blaine 10-27-2017


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