Waffles On Maple, Metairie, LA Report #349

This place is called Waffles on Maple because it’s original location was on Maple St., in Uptown New Orleans. I went to that location once years ago, and the place was tiny. I mean so tiny I had to walk sideways past other customers to get through it. That location is permanently closed now.

The restaurant describes itself as “Sweet. Savory. Kosher”. You won’t find any meat on the menu. Being quite carnivorous, that is not me! But we figured we’d give it a try. I did find salmon on the menu, which I love. So I went with the Alaskan Smoked Salmon Omelet. My dining partner, also a carnivore, decided to give the soy sausage patty on the Croissant Sandwich a try, with a side of grits. For dessert we got the Banana’s Foster Crêpe and the Walking in New Orleans waffle.


My dining partner enjoyed the Croissant Sandwich, and the soy sausage patty tasted like real sausage. However, she said they should have put two patties on it. The sandwich was so big the patty only covered half of it.

My omelet was outstanding! It was stuffed with delicious smoked salmon and plenty of cream cheese. I just noticed writing this report the menu said topped with tomatoes, but I didn’t get any. I’ll demand double tomatoes next time!

Both desserts were fantastic. The Banana’s Foster sauce inside the crêpe was seriously good. And the praline pieces on the waffle were very good.

Great place! We’ll be back!

4650 W. Esplanade, Metairie, LA 70006 Ph: 504-510-4900

Blaine 1-3-2021


Back for round two! We ordered:

** the food **

The banana milkshake was pretty good. A real shake, with bits of real banana in it. So if you like that artificial banana syrup flavor, this one isn’t for you.

Everything else was great! A couple notable things were:

The garlic sauce served with the potatoes. It was fantastic! And I loved the pancakes. Not your light, fluffy kind. These are the denser, chewy type.

Another great breakfast.

4650 W. Esplanade, Metairie, LA 70006 Ph: 504-510-4900

Blaine 12-19-2021

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