Juniors On Harrison, New Orleans, LA Report #429

NOTE: This restaurant is located in Orleans Parish, so by Mayoral Decree, at the time of this writing you need to be vaccinated against COVID or have a very recent negative test to dine inside.

I don’t know who Junior is, but he sure knows his crap when it comes to food! And the place is beautiful. Their website says they keep the downstairs family friendly (pictured above), but, “If you want to hang with just the grown folks, head upstairs and check out their full bar and balcony.” I’m a relatively tame person, so I didn’t even attempt to head upstairs.

We decided on the Cheese Curds, Pork Steam Buns, the Junior Burger, a Korean Beef Sandwich, and white chocolate bread pudding for dessert.

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& the food &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

Cheese Curds
Pork Steam Buns
The Junior Burger
Korean Beef Sandwich
White Chocolate Bread Pudding

The cheese curds were very good, but the portion definitely could have been bigger.

The pork buns were absolutely delicious! Unbelievably tender, juicy pork and very soft, fluffy buns. I could make a meal out of these!

My dining partner had The Junior Burger. She loved it.

My Korean Beef Sandwich was fantastic. And they don’t skimp on the meat. It was loaded.

I asked the waitress what they had for dessert. The first thing she mentioned was the white chocolate bread pudding, which she highly recommended. I told her hush. Go no further. Just bring it to me. Please.

It wasn’t your typical bread pudding. It was like three French Toast sticks. Very crisp on the outside and soft inside. Served with vanilla ice cream on top and a blueberry compote underneath. Very good, but I wouldn’t order it again. I prefer the more traditional style of bread pudding.

Great dinner! This place deserves a try.

789 Harrison Ave., New Orleans, LA 70124 Ph: 504-766-6902

Blaine 11-20-2021

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