Ted’s Frostop, New Orleans, LA Report #487

This place is affiliated with the national chain of Frostop restaurants, started in 1926 in Columbus, Ohio. There’s also one in Metairie (Report #376), which is just named “Frostop”. This one is named Ted’s Frostop, so I guess they’re all independently owned and operated. The menu here is also different, so I gave this one a separate report.

I love old fashioned diners. This one is complete with old fashioned games! I can’t remember the last time I saw a Ms. Pac-Man machine. And after a Google search it looks like that’s a vintage 1974 pinball machine. I was scared to play it thinking I’d break it!

My dining partner was craving breakfast, and I was craving lunch. She decided on a biscuit sandwich with an over-hard egg and bacon, plus a bowl of grits. I went with a Lot-O-Burger with fries and a chocolate shake.

—– the food —–

My dining partner said her biscuit sandwich was delicious. And that’s how grits should look when they come to your table! With a big glob of butter melting into them. She said she didn’t even have to add salt to them. They were perfect.

My chocolate shake was great! The crinkle cut fries were super crisp, and the burger was fantastic.

So, no matter if you’re craving breakfast or lunch, this joint has you covered!

3100 Calhoun St., New Orleans, LA 70125 Ph: (504) 861-3615

Blaine 7-3-2022


Back in here for breakfast today. I ordered the ribeye steak and eggs and pancakes. My dining partner ordered a breakfast poboy with eggs, bacon and cheese.

&&&&&&&&& THE FOOD &&&&&&&&&

Oh, I also ordered a glass of milk. They put ice in it. That was weird. So, if you come in, unless you like ice in your milk let them know to leave it out when ordering.

As far as my steak, it’s about what I expected in a place like this. I’d sound absolutely crazy complaining about it like I was at Desi Vega’s or something. That being said, it wasn’t bad. And the biscuit was great! I enjoyed it.

My dining partner didn’t want a whole breakfast poboy so she asked them if there was any way she could get a half one. The lady behind the counter taking our order said she could charge us for one on bun and give her a half poboy. That was awful nice of her to accommodate us. And the sandwich was delicious.

As were the pancakes. Very crisp edges and I love that!

Great breakfast here today.

3100 Calhoun St., New Orleans, LA 70125 Ph: (504) 861-3615

Blaine 3-19-2023


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