Cafe’ Bella, Marrero, LA Report #64


I received an email from Groupon and this restaurant was featured.  The menu looked great so I bought the Groupon and went to give it a try.  A local food critic named Tom Fitzmorris has a rule about restaurants.  When a new one opens wait 6 months before you go and try it so they can get their act together.  When things began to go awry we asked how long the place had been open (never having been in that area of Marrero in my life) and she said since the end of October.  Not even two months.  I should have waited.

Small place but pretty.  We started off with the crake cake bites with the spicy remoulade sauce and a cup of seafood gumbo.  They were very good!  Good bit of crab meat and a great flavor.  The sauce wasn’t spicy though.  The gumbo was excellent!  Not too thick or thin, seasoned very well and very flavorful.

Two great appetizers had me excited about the rest of the meal.  We ordered the fettucine alfredo.  The menu list it as, “Fettucine Alfredo, Chicken, shrimp, crawfish with a drop biscuit”.  Since there was no “or” between the proteins I thought it was a combo.  No.  It was either/or.  We asked the waitress if we could get the combo and she said probably not.  We asked her to see if the chef would do a shrimp and crawfish one.  later, when the food was taking a little longer than it should, she explained that was because we ordered shrimp AND crawfish.  Made no sense to me since throwing a handful of shrimp into the pan of crawfish fettucine wouldn’t slow down the cooking process, but ok.  It was pretty good.  And the biscuit was great.

I ordered the “Capesante”.  Pan seared sea scallops with lemon basil sauce, asparagus, and garlic mashed potatoes.  Terrible dish.  The scallops were pretty small and not seared at all.  They may as well have boiled them.  The lemon basil sauce tasted like cream.  Nothing else.  And a vampire could have eaten the “garlic” mashed potatoes with no problem.  In fact it even tasted salt free.   No seasoning whatsoever.

The waitress asked how everything was and I told her about my scallop dish.  She said the scallops probably weren’t seared because they took them out the pan too soon due to a huge online order the kitchen just received.  Great excuse, huh?  A big online order comes in so forget our guest in the dining room.  Never heard that one before.

My sweet tooth started acting up so I tried the bread pudding.  The waitress asked, “With rum sauce”?  I said, “OF COURSE”!  The bread pudding itself was pretty good but the “sauce”, as you can see from the pic above was a solid, crystalized sugar mass.  The waitress came back around and again asked how everything was?  I showed her the chunk of stuff called sauce.  She was perplexed.  She said she saw the chef pour the sauce over it so he must have left it in the oven too long.  She offered us a drink, like a coke or something to go to make up for it.  We declined.

Anyway, just based on the fact the gumbo was so good I think the place has potential.  I may give them a try in 6 months are so to see if they’ve improved.

3156 Barataria Blvd., Marrero, LA  70072  Ph: 504-267-0068

Blaine  12-16-2017

4 thoughts on “Cafe’ Bella, Marrero, LA Report #64

      1. I love scallops. They RUINED them! 😢

        Anyway, I should be out of “jail” elsewhere in about an hour.


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