Gretna Depot Café & Spirits, Gretna, LA Report #135


Nice looking place, located inside what looks like a renovated double house, I guess in what you would be called Downtown Gretna, near the courthouse and post office.  If you come on a Saturday like I did you can also shop at the farmers market, which is right across the street!  A bunch of interesting things there.

We started off with Crawfish Queso, a dish that normally disappoints me because they never put enough crawfish tails in it.  Especially if you go to a place like New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood (Report #25).  You might get three crawfish tails in the whole dish.  That wasn’t the case here.  The melted cheese was loaded with crawfish tails.  Delicious!

Next we got the tamales.  When I was a kid growing up in New Orleans, they used to sell tamales from carts on street corners.  These were the ones wrapped in corn husk, or that paper they use to imitate corn husk.  The two brands I remember were Manuel’s and Fiesta.  I remember my mom saying Fiesta was better because they had more meat in them.  Normal kids like when their dad’s bring them candy home from work.  I used to look forward to mine bringing home tamales!

Anyway, when we ordered 6 tamales those are the kind I was expecting.  Instead, we got 6 tamales on a plate covered with what seemed to be a bean chili and cheese.  They weren’t what I was expecting but pretty good.  Apparently they warm them in the microwave, because one at the edge of the plate (pictured on the fork), seemed to get nuked too much and was pretty hard.  Kind of like plastic!

My dining partner and I ordered two poboys to split.  A hot sausage and the Surf and Turf, which consisted of hot roast beef and fried or grilled shrimp.  We opted for fried.

The hot sausage poboy had a lot of hot sausage on it, and it was seasoned good, but the sausage was dry.  Seems like they left it on the grill for too long.

I liked the Surf and Turf poboy better, however you could tell the gravy wasn’t home made.  It tasted more like a canned gravy.  The shrimp were also a little tough.

Their sandwiches come with Garlic Parmesan fries.  My dining partner got those but I got plain.  I’m a fry connoisseur.  I love just plain, fried, lightly salted potatoes.  Hot and crisp.  It didn’t really matter in this case.  It was obvious both of our fries had been sitting around for a while before they made it to us.

Overall, I wasn’t very impressed with the food here.

326 Huey P. Long Ave., Gretna, LA  70053  Ph: 504-362-8690

Blaine 9-8-2018

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