Big Ez Seafood, Gretna, LA Report #182


When I walked in here for dinner tonight a really had my mind set on some boiled crawfish.  I haven’t had any yet this year.  When I heard they were $6.89 a pound I changed my mind.  More than I was willing to pay.

Nice clean little place.  Some really plush stools if you decide to sit at the window bar.  If you want frozen King, Snow or Dungeness crab to take home, they have that.  You can also get it boiled.  Plus boiled crawfish, blue crab and shrimp.

I decided on a small bowl of gumbo, crawfish pie and a catfish poboy.

When I ordered it I asked the guy behind the counter if it was seafood gumbo.  He said shrimp, chicken, sausage and okra.  Ingredient wise there was plenty of meat in the gumbo.  Okra wise it wasn’t what you’d think of when you think of okra gumbo.  There were three slices of okra in the whole bowl.  And normally okra is used to thicken a gumbo.  This gumbo was rather thin.  Not really like it had been made with a roux.  More like a brown broth flavored with some liquid crab boil.  Overall, it was OK, but I wouldn’t order it again.

The crawfish pie was nice and crisp, but mostly rice and seasoning veggies inside.  That’s really what I expected for $2.99.  But it was tasty.  I enjoyed it.

I really liked the catfish poboy.  Plenty of catfish on it, seasoned well, and the French bread roll they served it on was nice and crusty and fresh.  Just the right amount of mayo on it, too.  Only thing I could complain about was the catfish could have been fried a little crisper.

Nice place.  If I was in the area and had a hankering for a poboy I’d stop in again.

1632 Lafayette St., Gretna, LA  70053 Ph: 504-272-0711

Blaine 2-27-2019


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