Adams Catfish House, Belle Chasse, LA Report #192

I’ve lived in Algiers and regularly visited the Navy Base in Belle Chasse for about 20 years, so I’ve literally passed by this place hundreds of times.  I’ve always thought, “I like catfish.  One day I’ve got to try that place”.  Tonight was the night.

We decided on:

And this was the food!

I repeat.  I don’t like fried pickles.  Unfortunately someone in my dining party does, so we got some.  That being said, these were the best fried pickles I ever had!  What I hate about them is they’re normally too salty to me.  Both my parents had high blood pressure, so I grew up with a mom who never cooked with salt.  I still use salt very sparingly in my cooking.  These weren’t salty at all and fried nice and crisp.

My dining partners both enjoyed their sandwiches and fries.  The burger looked the perfect size to me.  I don’t care for those 1 pound burgers with the patties so thick you have to unhinge your jaw to bite it, then take half home.

Since this is a catfish house, I decided to try the catfish with a side of mac and cheese.  I was unbelievably disappointed.  Fried nice and crisp but totally unseasoned.  It tasted like they didn’t even have any salt in the coating.  Fries?  Great.  Coleslaw?  Yummy.  Hushpuppies?  Superb. Mac and cheese?  Tasted AND looked like it came right out a box labeled Kraft Mac N Cheese.

Will I be back?  Maybe for a burger.  Not for the catfish.

8523 LA-23, Belle Chasse, LA  70037  Ph: 504-392-0541

Blaine 4-20-2019


2 thoughts on “Adams Catfish House, Belle Chasse, LA Report #192

  1. Sorry you got a very infrequent bad day at Adams. They have great catfish that you need to give another try. We go there often.and always enjoy it. Your owe it to your many fans to try this again.


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