Quarter View, Metairie, LA Report #244

This place is huge!  Standing across the street I could hardly get a picture of the whole building.  Inside there are several different dining rooms.  There was another large room where it seemed a special event was going on.  So if you’re in the market to rent a space, they can accommodate.

I was wondering why this place was called the “Quarter View”, since it’s nowhere near the French Quarter.  Well, the main dining room is decorated with French Quarter murals and other items, so I guess that’s why.  Very nice looking place.

They have one of the most extensive menus I’ve ever seen.  Too extensive for me to take pictures of.  If it’s Italian, Creole or Cajun, there’s a good chance it’s on this menu.  If you’d like to see it, this link should take you there:  http://www.quarterview.net/Menu_.  A menu this big always makes me nervous.  Some places try to do so much they don’t do anything really well, so I was a little apprehensive.

We decided to start with the Cajun Gumbo Fais Do Do and the Creole Jambalaya Jazz Rolls.  For our entrées we ordered the Crawfish Ravioli and the Soft-Shell Crab Pontchartrain.  Dessert was the Homemade Bread Pudding topped with vanilla rum sauce.

And the food:

The gumbo was very good.  Seasoned well and full of shrimp.

I had no idea what to expect out of the Jambalaya rolls.  Shrimp, sausage and chicken jambalaya wrapped up and fried like egg rolls?  Well, it was great!  And the Creole mustard sauce was a honey mustard.  It went perfectly with them.

My dinning partner had the Crawfish Ravioli.  Ricotta cheese ravioli, battered and fried, then topped with a crawfish cream sauce.  She ordered additional fried crawfish tails on top.  She was starting to get full after the gumbo and jambalaya rolls, and that slowed her down enough for me to grab a ravioli before she ate them all.  Delicious.  Really good dish.

My entrée was the Soft-Shell Crab Pontchartrain.  A soft shelled crab over angle hair pasta with a spicy cream sauce.  Also delicious.  My only complaint could be there was a little too much sauce.  It made the dish kind of soupy.  If I ordered this again I’d ask for the sauce on the side.

I didn’t really care for the bread pudding.  It was full of raisins, which is traditional but I don’t care for them.  It was also rather dense, and had a flavor more like a pumpkin spice dessert instead of a bread pudding.

Overall, I really liked this place.  I recommend it!

613 Clearview Pkwy., Metairie, LA  70001  Ph: 504-887-3456

Blaine 10-25-2019


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