Quitutes Cuisine & Bar, Arabi, LA Report #290


This is a Brazilian restaurant located in Arabi, Louisiana.  Never heard of Arabi, La.?  Don’t worry.  A lot of people in Southeast Louisiana have never heard of Arabi!  It’s located in St. Bernard Parish just across the Parish line from New Orleans.  In fact, this place is pretty much in walking distance of the late, great, Fats Domino’s old house.

Cute, clean little place that is also a bar.  They have three flavors of daiquiris.  Passion fruit, Mojito and strawberry.

We decided on a beef empanada and pork cracklins for appetizers.  My dining partner got the Picanhaburger, and I made my own plate of Picanha, white rice and pinto beans.

And the food!




If you avoid pork cracklings because they’re so hard they might break your teeth, these won’t!  Very tender and delicious!  A must try if you come here, and a nice sized portion.

The beef empanada was also delicious.  The cheese and cream cheese in them was great.

Every dish came with a greenish house made mayo and a very mild hot sauce.  I forgot to ask why the mayo was greenish.

Picanha refers to the cut of beef.  From what I understand it’s prized in Brazil and Latin America.  My partner loved the burger and said the fries were good, but they could have given her more.

My steak was very good!  The rice was cooked perfectly, and the pinto beans were nice and creamy, which is something I normally attribute to good red beans.  At first I thought the plate looked a little skimpy, like the portion of everything wasn’t big enough.  Until I started eating.  Everything was bigger than it looked!  It was so good I couldn’t stop eating and was stuffed when I finished!

Great place!  I recommend it!

6617 W. Judge Perez, Arabi, La.  70032  Ph: 504-766-8694

Blaine 6-6-2020

8 thoughts on “Quitutes Cuisine & Bar, Arabi, LA Report #290

    1. Tell me about it. There’s a Chinese place I was told to try that has a fantastic sounding seafood entree with lobster in it. We were going there but I called first to see if they were open yet for dine in. They told me not until Wednesday. My wife asked if we were going to order to go food from them, I told her hell no! If I’m eating a dish with lobster in it it’s gonna be right out the kitchen, to my table on a real plate. Not 20 minutes later out a styrofoam container at home.

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      1. Then Brazilian cuisine probably wouldn’t be your thing. Although there are these all you can eat Brazilian places here that have unbelievable salad and soup bars. I went to one called Texas de Brazil and they had a lobster bisque that was to die for! You could taste the cognac in it. 😋

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