Restaurant des Familles, Crown Point, LA Report #289




Crown Point, Louisiana, is a very short ride from New Orleans.  I live on the Westbank of New Orleans and it only took us about 20 minutes to get here.  It’s well worth the drive.  Beautiful place in a peaceful setting, with a dining room looking out over a swamp.  Last time I was here, which was maybe 10 years ago, we saw an alligator watching us as we ate.  The water is clogged with water hyacinths now so we didn’t see one this time.

We decided on:


And the highly delicious food!






The Crabmeat Remick is a crabmeat lovers dream!  Jumbo lump crabmeat covered with some type of mayonnaise based sauce, then baked in the oven and topped with a piece of crisp bacon.  Fantastic.

The seafood gumbo was pretty good.  If you don’t like okra in your gumbo you probably wouldn’t like it.  It’s full of it.  People normally put tiny shrimp in their gumbo but these were big.  Pretty tasty.

With your entrée you get the option of a wedge salad.  I’m a blue cheese dressing lover and I normally don’t get enough on my wedge salads.  Not a problem here.  They load it up!  You can tell it’s house made, too.  Very good.

The pasta with the crabcakes AND jumbo lump crabmeat on top was delicious!  The cream sauce had a really nice flavor of fresh cracked black pepper.

The Boudin-Stuffed Chicken was good.  Nothing outstanding about it but a good dish overall.

Then, there was the bread pudding.  I hate raisins in my bread pudding.  It has been my lifelong dream that someone would replace the traditional raisins with chocolate chips.  They must have known I was coming.  THEY DID IT!  Talk about delicious!  Chocolate chips melted into warm bread pudding, with a generous amount of whipped cream on top and a wonderful brandy sauce.  One of the best bread puddings I ever had.

Worth the drive from New Orleans.  I highly recommend the place!

7163 Barataria Blvd., Crown Point, LA  70072  Ph: 504-689-7834

Blaine 5-24-2020




OH NO!  First Gendusa’s had a fire (they’re back open by the way), now here!  It’s a sad day.  I’m glad to see they plan to reopen.

7163 Barataria Blvd., Crown Point, LA  70072  Ph: 504-689-7834

Blaine 7-14-2020



While construction is going on they’re serving food in their parking lot. April target date to reopen. I can’t wait!

7163 Barataria Blvd., Crown Point, LA  70072  Ph: 504-689-7834

Blaine 1-18-2021


My first visit since they reopened after the fire. I’m so glad they did! We ordered:

%% THE FOOD %%

Everything was delicious. My picture doesn’t do justice to that chicken sandwich. Looks rather thin in the picture but the chicken breast was huge! And very juicy. And the soft-shelled crab was seasoned perfectly with a coating that wasn’t too thick.

Excellent lunch here today.

7163 Barataria Blvd., Crown Point, LA  70072  Ph: 504-689-7834




18 thoughts on “Restaurant des Familles, Crown Point, LA Report #289

  1. How lovely to have a meal out. Hopefully, our restaurants reopen in early June. The food looked good but the portions were large. I bet you had a doggy bag though maybe not for your dream bread pudding.

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      1. Are you not scared of alligators?! Do you encounter them in your backyard or when you are walking down the street? I did a swamp tour the first time I went to New Orleans. I love the swamps but we did not see any alligators.

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      2. No, I’m not scared of them. They don’t chase and attack you. If anything they’ll run from you. And I live in the city, so even though it’s possible, never seen one in my back yard. And in the wild they’re hard to see. If they’re on the surface in the water all that shows is the top of their heads from the eyes to the nose. It’ll just look like a piece of wood floating on the water.

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      3. When I was maybe 5 years old my older brother took me fishing in a little boat. We saw an alligator. It came toward the boat. All I could think of was the crocodiles in the Tarzan movies turning over the canoes and eating all the natives. I thought I was dead. I was ready to go home! We didn’t leave and of course I survived. 😒

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