The Dakota, Covington, LA Report #356

There’s a local food critic named Tom Fitzmorris who has a radio show called “The Food Show”. It’s all about restaurants and food, and it’s been on the air here in New Orleans for over 30 years. That’s where I first herd about this restaurant many years ago. He raved about it. And he especially raved about their lump crabmeat and Brie soup.

Only thing that took me so long to get here was it’s located in Covington, and I live in New Orleans. I’d have to cross Lake Pontchartrain via the longest continuous bridge over water in the world. The Causeway. Which isn’t that big of a deal, but there are too many good restaurants in New Orleans to be taking road trips! But tonight, I had business to take care of across the lake, so I made my reservation.

The sign in front isn’t very well lit and easy to miss in the dark. In fact, we drove right past it and had to double back. It’s right next to a Best Western Hotel.

Lovely restaurant. We decided on the Spiced Gulf Shrimp Napoleon for an appetizer, I ordered that Lump Crabmeat & Brie Soup, the Veal with 3 Sauces and roasted half duck for entrées, and as an extra side the Skillet Buttermilk Cornbread with the Steen’s Cane Butter on the side.

########## THE GLORIOUS FOOD ##########

The bread was hot out of the oven. Kind of like a sourdough loaf. Very good.

The shrimp appetizer was fantastic. I had never had fried mirliton slices before, but I’d have them again. And the remoulade sauce was perfect.

I’m sometimes nervous about cheese soups. I’ve had some that were like eating melted cheese. Way too cheesy. The flavor of the Brie in this soup wasn’t too cheesy at all, and it wasn’t too rich. It was kind of like a cross between a cheese soup and a potato soup, with a nice helping of crabmeat in it. This was one of the best soups I’ve ever had! And the bread they serve has better absorbency than Brawny paper towels. That bowl was super clean when they picked it up!

Speaking of clean plates, my dining partner had the veal dish. That plate was clean too. She loved it.

I loath brussels sprouts, so I substituted the cauliflower au gratin as my side with the duck. Looked like a little bowl of some kind of creamy pasta, and pretty much tasted like that! Very yummy! And the duck, which was served with little cubed and sautéed sweet potatoes, was perfect.

The cornbread was great.

I highly recommend this place. Well worth the drive across the lake.

629 U.S. Hwy 190, Covignton, LA 70433 Ph: 985-892-3712

Blaine 1-29-2021

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