Trep’s, New Orleans, LA Report #365

I like the way this place is designed. Especially during this pandemic. Almost all of the seating is outdoor seating, most of it under tents. The area in front of the bar is kind of inside, but with the garage style doors wide open that’s basically outside too. Very nice on a beautiful day like today, when the temperatures were in the 70’s. Not so sure if the numerous fans will cut it when our New Orleans summer is in full swing.

We decided on:

******************** THE FOOD! ********************

In the pictures I included their description of the gumbo from the online menu. Never had a “gumbo” here in New Orleans with Indian curry in it. I looked up the definition of gumbo. One was, “A soup thickened with okra pods or file’ and containing meat or seafoods and usually vegetables”.

Ok, so by that definition this would qualify as a gumbo. Not your normal Louisiana or New Orleans gumbo. But good! I liked it.

I love boudin, so every where I go and see boudin eggrolls I order them. I should stop that. I’m starting to feel that yes, boudin is delicious, but it doesn’t belong in eggrolls. That being said, these were also pretty good. The eggrolls were nice and crisp and the boudin inside was yummy. The sweet dipping sauce went well with them.

My dining partner had the chicken club sandwich and said it was ok, but nothing to brag about. She said she wouldn’t order it again.

I had the Bang Bang Shrimp Roti sandwich and upgraded to the truffle fries. My sandwich and fries were cold. Funny thing is my dining partners sandwich and fries were hot. I’m not sure what happened there. The shrimp had a great flavor but there weren’t many of them on the sandwich.

The Beignet Bites were the best thing we had. The idea of dipping small, hot beignets in a chocolate sauce is definitely a winner!

Drop in if you’re in Mid-City and have always wanted to try a Louisiana, Indian curry gumbo. And don’t forget to wash that down with beignets.

4327 Bienville St., New Orleans, LA 70119 Ph: 504-581-8900

Blaine 3-21-2021

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