Secret Birria, New Orleans, LA Report #442

I looked up the definition of “Birria”. Putting together a couple definitions, it’s a Spanish term for a traditional Mexican dish originally made with goat meat, but it also can be made with beef. In gastronomic terms they say it means, “Exquisite savory dish, full of culture and tradition”. Wow. Impressive!

I see why they call it “secret”. You’ve got to be looking for this place to find it. It’s located on a back street in a residential neighborhood. As you can see from my pictures, it’s also quite a dark neighborhood!

You walk in and see a counter and the kitchen. If you want to eat here you’ll be sitting outside. Someone’s house is right next door, so it feels like you’re eating in their driveway. But I was hungry, so what the hell.

We decided on:

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& THE FOOD &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

Birria de Res
Birria Ramen

I’ve been hearing people rave about grilled or roasted Shishito peppers. I’ve been dying to try them! I was happy when I saw them on the menu and immediately ordered them. They advised me they were out. I was outraged. I decided to take out my frustration by fighting everyone inside the place! But then it hit me that maybe just ordering something else might be a better idea.

Each dish we had was made with that birria style beef. They say it’s slow cooked for over five hours, and after tasting it I definitely believe them. Seriously tender, juicy and delicious!

My dining partner had the Birriarito. A burrito made with the beef, rice, beans and a few other things. She said it was really good.

I had the tacos. Fantastic.

Since I’m greedy, I also had the ramen. Loved it. The only thing was, with other ramens or noodle soups, like Pho, I look forward to slurping down the broth. That wasn’t the case with this one. The broth was more like a yummy, well seasoned beef gravy, and you don’t really want to drink a bowl of gravy. But I really enjoyed eating the noodles and beef out of it with chopsticks.

Good dinner here tonight. Give this place a try!

323 Octavia St., New Orleans, LA 70115 Ph: 504-899-2961

Blaine 1-1-2022

14 thoughts on “Secret Birria, New Orleans, LA Report #442

      1. Hope you find some somewhere! They have a fairly mild flavor and lately every one we’ve had’s been mild but Iggylmc is right and suddenly you find one with heat and BAM!

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