Rotolo’s Pizzeria, Belle Chasse, LA Report #530

After The Olive Branch Café, this is the closest place to my house to grab a pizza, and I’ve never been here! So tonight, I decided to change that.

Before heading over, I went to their website to plan my meal. On it there’s a “Craft & Crust” menu and a “Pizzeria” menu. I accidentally checked out the Craft & Crust menu. I planned on fried calamari and shrimp tacos as part of my dinner tonight. Unfortunately, that’s not the menu here. This one has the Pizzaria menu. I asked our waitress where a Craft & Crust location was but she didn’t know.

We ordered a Caesar side salad, chicken wings with Chalmette sauce, a meatball sandwich, and a half The Krewe and half Muffuletta pizza.

**** THE FOOD ****

My dining partner ordered the side salad. It came out first. I was starving to death. She took pity on me and gave me one crouton. Man that was a good crouton! She said the rest of the salad was good too.

The wings were very good. The Chalmette sauce was a buttery garlic sauce. Quite tasty, and the wings were a nice size.

The meatball sandwich was very simple and delicious. Plenty of melted cheese and not too much of a nice Marinara sauce. The bread was also very fresh. It’s served with spicy or regular Zapp’s potato chips.

The pizza was fantastic. The crust was the perfect thickness so it could be crispy on the bottom yet slightly chewy. “The Krewe” side, with the pepperoni, bacon, feta, cheddar AND parmesan cheese was my favorite, but both were outstanding.

Great place! I’ll definitely be back!

102 Woodland Hwy., Ste. 5, Belle Chasse, LA 70037 Ph: (504) 433-7100

Blaine 12-16-2022


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