Sandros Trattoria, Metairie LA Report #545

I have a friend who’s an authentic, New Orleans Italian. She’s never shown me any paperwork to prove it, but I believe her. She’s the one that told me about this place. I tried to get here once before but couldn’t get a reservation. It was kind of last minute. Today I happened to be in the area and saw they opened for lunch at noon, so we got in at noon-oh-one. Glad we did, because once those doors opened the place filled up quick, and after trying the food it was obvious why!

We decided on:

%%%%% THE FOOD %%%%%

Whenever you get bread at restaurants you get butter or olive oil. Never both. When I chomped into this bread a tear came to my eye. They butter it, toast it, and then serve it atop a pool of olive oil! At least that’s what I thought. Where has this bread been all my life? It was awesome!

I mentioned to our waiter how I loved that they buttered the bread. He said it wasn’t buttered. Just toasted on a press, seasoned, then served over a pool of olive oil. If you go here let me know what you think. It definitely tastes buttered.

The fried calamari was fantastic. Very crisp, tender, and served with a great sauce.

My dining partner had the angel hair pasta with meatballs. The pasta was cooked perfectly, and the tomato sauce is light and delicious. She loved the meatballs so much something happened that has never happened before. She took pity on me and gave me a piece of one! Said she’d have felt guilty for the rest of her life if she denied me a bite of such wonderful meatballs. Actually, I think she was just getting full.

If I ever had a better meatball I can’t think of where. Seasoned perfectly with just the right amount of breadcrumbs in them to give for the perfect consistency. Outstanding!

My dish was great. The beef brisket just fell apart and had a fantastic flavor.

Excellent lunch here today. Can’t wait to get back.

6601 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, LA 70003 Ph: (504) 888-7784

Blaine 1-28-2023


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