Stoic & Genuine, Denver, CO Report #161


I ended up in Denver, Colorado!  And I got hungry.  I heard there were restaurants in Union Station so I headed there.  This restaurant, with a weird name, is located inside.  I stepped in and asked to see the menu and I saw a lobster club sandwich on it.  I was sold.  Time to eat.

Really pretty place.  In the 4th picture I was trying to show the light fixtures over the tables.  If you were sitting on the bench along the windows you could reach up and reposition the lights.  First time I ever saw something like that.  Nice raw bar with various shellfish.  Their featured raw oysters this day were three different kinds from Canada and one from Alaska.

We started off with the Buffalo Oysters.  Being from New Orleans I know good fried oysters when I taste them, and these were good.  We got the buffalo sauce on the side instead of having them tossed in it, but we might as well have had them tossed in it.  The sauce was great.

My dining partner had the Icelandic Cod N’ Chips.  She loved it.  Funny thing.  The fries were dusted with something yellow.  I wish I had got a picture of them before we devoured them all.  I asked the waiter if it was lemon zest.  He told me it was, PLUS, some kind of fish roe to give it an extra little “taste of the sea”.  I had never heard of the fish he said so I forgot what it was, but it has a yellow roe.  Either way, they were definitely the most unique French fries I ever had, and delicious!

My lobster club sandwich was also delicious.  Loaded with lobster.  Nothing more to say about that.

Oh, they also had cornbread on the menu.  I think the small order came with five pieces.  We just wanted to taste it, so we asked and they were nice enough to make just one for us.  I wanted to see how they prepared cornbread this far out the south.  As with everything else, it was great!

To top off a great meal they give you a Swedish Fish with your check.  What more can you ask for?  I highly recommend this place.

1701 Wynkoop St., Denver, CO  80202  Ph: 303-640-3474

Blaine 12-17-2018

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