Saba, New Orleans, LA Report #208

Right on the corner of Magazine and Nashville Streets this is a beautiful restaurant.  I love the large dining room windows that let the sun in.  I understand the owner and head chef here used to be at Shaya, which is also on Magazine St., a little over a mile to the east.  So if you liked the food there, there’s a good chance you’ll like the food here.  We sure did!

If you look at the Summer Spritz Series menu above, you’ll be impressed to see there’s a $150 cocktail on it.  I know I was impressed!  I’m glad I have a picture of it on the menu because that’s about as close as I’ll ever get to one!

My dining partner and I did decide on two drinks off the non-alcoholic menu.  The Pineapple Eucalyptus and Watermelon Shrub soda.  Both were delicious, with just the right sweetness and a nice, herby taste to them.

For our meal we decided on the Blue crab Hummus as an appetizer.  My dining partner chose the Hanger Steak.  I picked the Lamb Kebab.  We also ordered the Crispy Potatoes as a side.

The pita bread that comes to your table is smoking hot right out of a wood burning oven.  It comes with an herbed and sesame seeded olive oil for dipping.

The hummus was delicious.  There was a nice amount of crab meat in it, and the corn, lemon butter and mint went well with the dish.

We enjoyed our entrees.  My dining partner commented on how tender and flavorful the hanger steak was.  However she didn’t care for the mashed celery root it was served with.  She forbid me from touching her steak, but did allow me to try the celery root.  It was ok.  Just a flavor neither of us had ever tried before.

The lamb was ground lamb.  The pea puree and pine nuts went great with it.  Also, we both loved the crispy potatoes.  One order is plenty to share.

I included a picture of the dessert menu but we didn’t try anything.  For Father’s Day I had been treated to the lobster and crab leg buffet at the Hollywood Casino in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, so this rather light meal (for me), was perfect.  I do intend to try a dessert on my next visit.

Great place.  I highly recommend it!

5757 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA  70015  Ph: 504-324-7770

Blaine 6-16-2019



13 thoughts on “Saba, New Orleans, LA Report #208

      1. They actually might sell a lot. This place is located in an area of Uptown New Orleans where people aren’t poor. If you can afford a house in that area you probably don’t mind paying that for a drink. By the way, I live nowhere NEAR there!

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  1. “Saba” means grandfather in Hebrew. Quite a weird name for a restaurant!
    The food is very typical of the mix-and-match new Israeli cuisine, but I’ve never seen a $150 drink anywhere in a place that also sells hummus in Israel.. Only in America! 🙂

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