Marcello’s, New Orleans, LA Report #248

*************** PERMANENTLY CLOSED ***************

We were overdue for some Italian food and decided on this place.  Excellent choice.  Everything was fantastic.  I’m not a wine drinker, but if you are, I’m pretty sure you’ll find the right bottle for you.  There were racks of wine all over the place.  Our waitress said we could roam around and just grab the bottle that we wanted.  Sounds like a wine lovers dream to me.

We decided on:


And the food:


Our waitress started us off with a piece of bread.  I forgot to ask what kind it was, but it was pretty hardy like a Focaccia, and tasted like garlic bread.  She poured a little pool of olive oil around it.  So good I could have eaten ten of them!

Happy hour is from 2:30PM to 6:00PM, and all appetizers are half price. That was great because we had our eyes on two of them.  The Contessa and Ravioli.

Both were fantastic.  The Contessa had a nice bit of crabmeat in it, and the eggplant was fried nice and crisp.

As soon as she tasted the ravioli, my dining partner said she could tell it was homemade.  How a Creole woman from the 7th Ward of New Orleans would know how homemade ravioli would taste is beyond me, but who am I to judge?  The tomato sauce concoction on top went fantastic with it.

I had the Marsala Pork Cheek.  One of the best dishes I ever had.  The meat was unbelievably tender and the sauce was delicious.  It came with a parmesan polenta.  There was a truffle and crimini mushroom risotto on the menu.  I love risotto, so I started to ask if I could substitute that for the polenta.  I decided to just stick with the dish as the chef intended it to be eaten.  Glad I did.  They were some of the best grits I ever had!

My dining partner had the lasagna.  She ordered a couple meatballs on the side because she thought the lasagna may not have enough meat in it.  She loved the lasagna, and said it had a good bit of meat in it!  I tried the meatballs.  They were very good.  Just the right amount of breadcrumbs to make them light and tender.

Dessert was Tiramisu.  Wonderful.  Not overly sweet and very light.

Terrific place.  I highly recommend it!

715 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, LA  70130  Ph: 504-581-6333

Blaine 11-15-2019



    Unfortunately, I just learned this restaurant is permanently closed.  

Blaine 2-13-2021



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