Salvo’s Seafood, Belle Chasse, LA Report #266

Besides being a sit down restaurant, this place is also a seafood market.  You can stop in and grab fresh or boiled seafood to go.  In fact, we’re just getting into crawfish season down here.  A couple at the table next to us ordered a big platter of boiled crawfish, and they looked delicious!  I had to try them.  I asked the waitress if I could have just ONE boiled crawfish to sample.  She said, “Sure”! She brought me a little sample of five.

Delicious!  Hot and well seasoned.  They were $4.35 a pound to go, which is about the normal price this early in the season.  I fully intended to get a few pounds to take home.  I also intended to try the bread pudding for dessert.  Neither happened.  I ate like a pig and couldn’t imagine putting anything else in my stomach!

We decided on fried clams, fried pickles, shrimp potato salad, the Jumbo Butterflied Shrimp Platter, and a half oyster po-boy with a bowl of seafood gumbo.



You get a little salad with their platters.  It’s what you’d expect in a place where no one comes for the side salads!  Good enough to get the job done.

I don’t like fried pickles.  I see no point in fried pickles.  My dining partner likes them though.  I tried one.  Yeah, about what I expected.  It’s a fried pickle!  She enjoyed them.

I do love fried clams.  Have loved them since I was a kid.  They’re about the same everywhere you go.  I don’t think there’s anywhere in the New Orleans area that takes fresh clams and breads and fries them.  But one thing I hate is when you order them and get a bunch of small ones.  Like fried clam crumbs.  These were all a nice size.  Very good.

The butterflied shrimp platter was great!  Huge shrimp, and a lot of them.

I love the half po-boy and side deal.  I got a half oyster po-boy with a cup of seafood gumbo.  The sandwich was really good.  The French bread was very fresh, and the oysters were a nice size, and fried nice and crisp.  And even though they call it a cup, the gumbo comes in more like a little bowl.  It was delicious.

And last, but not least, the shrimp potato salad.  Fantastic.  Only other place I can think of that does that is Dimartino’s.  I love it.  I actually got it to put in my gumbo!  If you never tried that you don’t know what you’re missing!

Great place.  I recommend it!

7742 LA-23, Belle Chasse, LA  70037  Ph: 504-393-7303

Blaine 2-1-2020



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