Annunciation, New Orleans, LA Report #343

A few reports ago I mentioned a credit card I had, attached to a large hotel chain, was giving me reward points for dining at certain restaurants. I’m still working my way through their list, and this place was on it! Being kind of hidden away in what I thought would have been the CBD/Warehouse District, but is actually designated as the Lower Garden District of New Orleans, I would have never found it otherwise.

Nice looking place. Located only a few blocks away from The National WWII Museum. I guess due to COVID19, so people won’t be handling menus, there was one of those QR Codes on the table. You had to scan it to see the menu. I couldn’t take screen shots of it on my phone to post here. It would have been too much. You can use this link to see it at their website: Our Menu – Annunciation Restaurant

I decided on the Oysters en Brochette as an appetizer, and the Softshell Crab Monica for my entrée. My dining partner decided to put together several different things for her meal. The Fried Chicken & Dumplings (an appetizer), Wedge Salad and Seafood Gumbo. We ordered the Bananas Foster Bread Pudding for dessert.


First, the bread. Hot, crusty, perfect French bread. With softened butter. Love a place that does bread right.

Next was the Oysters en Brochette. Delicious, but disappointing. I’ve had it served like this before. The oysters were fried into a kind of log, with bacon throughout. Not nearly oystery enough. I could taste more bacon. I couldn’t even tell how many oysters were in it. I think maybe just three or four. There’s a place called Café 615 that does them right. Individually fried oysters wrapped in bacon and deep fried. Click on Café 615 and it’ll take you to that report. Look at the picture. That’s how Oysters en Brouchette SHOULD be done!

My dining partner had the seafood gumbo. I knew something was wrong when she asked me to taste it. If it was good, I’d have to fight to the death for a taste! But she said she wanted my opinion on it.

It was pretty good, and she enjoyed it, but it’s hard to describe. It didn’t taste like it had been made in the traditional way, with a roux. I really don’t know how to describe it. More of a dark seafood stew to me than a gumbo. But again, pretty good.

The fried chicken and dumplings was a nicely fried chicken thigh with some gnocchi as the dumplings. Yummy, but there were only four gnocchi in the dish. Fine if you’re feeding a hamster, but not a human.

The wedge salad was really good.

My Softshell Crab Monica was excellent! The pasta was cooked perfectly. The sauce wasn’t too rich, seasoned really well, and the fried softshell crab was HUGE! It couldn’t have been better.

Last but not least was the bread pudding. Delicious. Not too sweet and a great consistency. Covered with chopped pecans too, which we weren’t expecting.

Very good dinner. I’ll be back!

Blaine 12-11-2020

1016 Annunciation St., New Orleans, LA 70130 Ph: 504-568-0245

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