Red Fish Grill, New Orleans, LA Report #389

This restaurant is owned by the Ralph Brennan restaurant group. The Brennan’s are a well knows restaurant family here in New Orleans. Two of their other restaurants I’ve been to are the world famous Brennan’s on Royal St., which I absolutely love, and Ralph’s on the Park.

This one is located in the French Quarter, in the first block of Bourbon St. That’s probably why I haven’t been here until today. Most locals don’t go to the French Quarter often. But I checked the Restaurant Week menu out and it looked great! Today is the last day for it, so we popped on in.

Nice looking place. We came at brunch time and they had a piano player playing. Made for a nice atmosphere. We both ordered off the Restaurant Week menu and decided on almost the whole thing! We just missed two dishes.

############### THE FOOD ###############

Shrimp Bienville
Crab Crouque Madama
Crawfish Cakes and Eggs

The complementary French bread could have been crustier. It was a little too soft.

But it was great to wipe my gumbo cup clean! As shown in the picture on the right. That gumbo was fantastic! Nice dark roux and a great flavor. Gumbo is kind of a signature dish of New Orleans, so I worry when French Quarter restaurants make bad gumbo. I’d hate to think tourist would get it and think, “That crap is what this city is famous for”? I feel good knowing tourist coming in here will leave with a good impression!

The Shrimp Bienville was very good. Mushrooms were a big part of the stuffing, giving them a really strong mushroom flavor. If you’re not a mushroom fan, I don’t think you’d like them, but we loved them.

My dining partner had the Crab Crouque Madame. She lifted the top piece of bread to show me that it was full of crabmeat, but that’s as close as she let me get to it. The next time I looked at her plate it was as if it never existed. She said it was fantastic. I’d have no way of knowing so I took her word for it.

My crawfish cakes and eggs were delicious. When I ordered it, our waitress said it would be crab cakes today. No problem. But when it came out it was indeed crawfish cakes. Again, no problem! This was like a perfectly put together Eggs Benedict with crawfish cakes packed with crawfish tails! And the idea of sweet potato hash didn’t really appeal to me, but it was great. You couldn’t even tell it was made with sweet potatoes.

Both desserts were excellent. They give you a big cup of ice cream with the brownie.

The only thing I could complain about was our service was a little slow, but I’m starting to think that’s standard in this post pandemic restaurant world.

Great lunch. I’ll be back here to try numerous things that caught my eye on the regular menu.

115 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70130 Ph: 504-598-1200

Blaine 6-27-2021

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